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The Student Marketing Association prides itself on finding our members opportunities like no other. From our annual New York City trip for distinguished members, to events like Tribe Tank, the W&M SMA provides for our members.

While we have very few formal club meetings, our executive board and adviser works to ensure a constant stream of events whether they be networking sessions, faculty lectures, or workshops. We understand that W&M students have some of the tightest schedules in the world, and we won’t disrespect your time.

Growing up is scary.

Growing up is scary. We understand that. Our mission is to make the process of going from student to professional a little bit easier. Within the SMA you will find mentorship and guidance as we all begin to take that first important step into reality. Our members have found that it’s nice getting advice from a supportive group of peers who are going through similar challenges, rather than people already at the top of the mountain.

More than marketers/ing

The most important product you will ever market is yourself, and our mission is to make your product the best it can be. You don’t have to be in marketing to know that.

We pride ourselves on drawing from a huge background of majors to make a truly diverse organization. Marketing is universal, whether you are a surgeon, lawyer, financial planner, or author, you will have to market you and your products. We’re here to help.

Meet your future

Our Alumni’s and current student’s accomplishments can speak for themselves, but we like to talk about them too.

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We’re excited to meet you.

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