In the immortal words of Professor Bob Williams

“We have some Killer faculty here”

We Agree

 Faculty Lectures


Faculty sponsor and fairy godmother Dawn Edmiston is a yearly lecturer for the Student Marketing Association. She specializes in personal branding, digital advertising, and story telling. Her passion for mentorship is infectious, and she brings an amazing amount of positivity, energy, and enthusiasm to the SMA.

Sound too good to be true? Believe the Hype.


Legendary business professor Bob Williams is one of the SMA’s favorite faculty lecturers. After a storied career in business, Professor Williams has taught at William & Mary for the past several years. His course? The senior capstone strategy class, teaching students how to lead and manage others for generations to come.

This is a guy you want to know.


A consistent student favorite, David Long brings a strong corporate background, a great sense of humor, and a genuine desire to connect with students to every interaction. Specializing in organizational behavior, Professor Long is an amazing asset to the Mason School of Business, and community at large.

Has a smile that could light up a room.


Specializing in sustainability and design thinking, Professor Luchs is a nationally renowned expert in his field. As director of the innovation and design studio, Luchs brings a natural charm and kindness to his interactions with students. We are lucky to have Michael Luchs at the Mason School, and his continued support of the SMA is not forgotten.

When he speaks, you listen. Seriously, he’s got it all figured out.


A William & Mary alum herself, Katie Gilstrap is Richmond royalty. Currently teaching at University of Richmond, Virginia Commonwealth University, and William & Mary’s online MBA program, Professor Gilstrap can offer first hand advice about leaving William & Mary and entering the real world. Entrepreneurial in nature, she has an amazing and interesting background ranging from bank board membership to multiple barre studio owner.

Katie is simply too cool for school (except W&M).


Graham Henshaw is the high-grade jet fuel that powers entrepreneurship on our campus. The executive director of the entrepreneurship center, Graham is an incredible asset to our students. This is regardless of whether they want to be an entrepreneur themselves, or simply an entrepreneurial thinker within another company. Located on the third-floor entrepreneurship center, Graham is happy to chat (but has a legendarily tight schedule).

If you want to launch it, he can light the fuse.