Meet Our Executive Board

The business school’s favorite rag-tag-bunch-of-misfits comes together to lead Mason’s most innovative club.

Amy Olejniczak

SMA Co-President

Public Policy, Communications Major
Fun Fact: She has broken her right arm twice. (Ask her about these mildly entertaining occurrences because they’re too long for one fun fact.)

Sana Lall-Trail

SMA Co-President

Psychology Major, Management & Organizational Leadership Minor
Fun Fact: Her ideal gift would be a jar of kalamata olives.

Gustavo Marsillac

Vice President of Promotion

Computer Science Major, Marketing Minor
Fun Fact: His favorite fruit is papaya.

Vansh Bansal

Agency 1693 Representative

Computational & Applied Mathematics & Statistics, Psychology Major
Fun Fact: Vansh has a DJ name without ever actually having worked as a DJ.

Caroline Simmons

Vice President of Outreach

History Major, Marketing Minor
Fun Fact: She once spent Christmas with Chuck Norris.

Claire Robins

Vice President of Events

Marketing Major
Fun Fact: She can jump over someone who is 5’1.

Dawn Edmiston

Faculty Sponsor/Guardian Angel

Clinical Associate Professor of Marketing at the College of William and Mary

Professor Edmiston works tirelessly with the SMA to ensure effective execution of events, meaningful alumni interactions, and maximization of student enrichment. Simply put - she is an incredible resource working hard for our students. Professor Edmiston is the definition of open, and is happy to meet with students new and old.