Meet Our Executive Board

The business school’s favorite rag-tag-bunch-of-misfits comes together to lead Mason’s most innovative club.

Kent Rollins

SMA President

The SMA's not-so-fearless leader, Kent specializes in herding cats and putting out fires. Currently attending the MSBA program, Kent loves marketing, entrepreneurship, and Trevor. He is always open to mentor and advise other students, and loves enriching the community.

Kent has interned at Booz Allen Hamilton, the United States Congress, and numerous startups. He currently works with Agency President Trevor Jackson to run Candid Campus Tours.

Trevor Jackson

Agency 1693 President

Trevor is the SMA's liason with the newest addition to the Mason Community, Agency 1693. After a storied career with the Student Marketing Association, Trevor sought greener pastures, and worked with our board to found Agency 1693, a student run marketing agency. Trevor loves entrepreneurship, golf, and long walks on the beach, and is always open to mentor students.

Trevor has interned at Ferguson Enterprises, and currently works alongside Kent to run Candid Campus Tours.

Amy Olejniczak

Vice President of Membership

Hailing from the far off land of Buffalo, New York; Amy brings her energy, enthusiasm, and drive to the Student Marketing Association. Working to grow membership and increase engagement, Amy plays a vital role in the SMA's master plan. Amy enjoys reading, creative design, and avoiding Kent & Trevor whenever possible.

Amy has interned at Citi Group and several startups, and is always open to mentor students.

Vansh Bansal

Vice President of Events

Specializing in data analytics and applied mathematics, Vansh brings all of the hard skills the SMA will ever need - and more. Entrepreneurial in nature, Vansh has worked to grow sports marketing company Wegryn Enterprises as a key member of its leadership team. Vansh, loves sports (especially hockey), dancing, and Trevor.

Vansh has interned at Red Bull and a variety of startups, and is open to mentor students of any background. We are lucky to have a guy like Vansh.

Sana Lall-Trail

Vice President of Communications

As the SMA's newsletter master, Sana is responsible for communicating the SMA's message across campus. Sana brings a great sense of humor, quick wit, and dedication to the SMA to bring us to the next level. Sana enjoys electronic dance music, christian fellowship, and sometimes, Trevor.

Sana has interned at Anthem, and is quite involved on campus. She is always open to mentor students.

Caroline Simmons

Vice President of Outreach

After escaping NOVA to attend William & Mary, Caroline has been a consistent contributor to the SMA. In charge of alumni interactions and networking, she is our 'human Rolodex'. Caroline enjoys Kappa Delta, creative design, and Chuck E. Cheese.

She is always happy to mentor students.

Dawn Edmiston

Faculty Sponsor/Guardian Angel

Clinical Associate Professor of Marketing at the College of William and Mary

Professor Edmiston works tirelessly with the SMA to ensure effective execution of events, meaningful alumni interactions, and maximization of student enrichment. Simply put - she is an incredible resource working hard for our students. Professor Edmiston is the definition of open, and is happy to meet with students new and old.